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PostSubject: Haunted   7/12/2009, 17:35

"Have you heard the stories?" A small girl looked up at her big brother, asking him a question
"Yes..." He replied.
"Ghost... Do you believe in them?" Yet another question came from the small girl
"No..." Her big brother said, with a flat voice.

The house down the street is said to be haunted, but is it true? Everyone who goes there never seems to come out, and at night you can hear some strange noises coming from the house. Like chains rattling or the sound of a ghost. If you listen closely, you can hear a scream. A girl and a few of her friends decide that they are going to go check it out, But can they survive the strange supernatural house?

~ Humans only ~
~ No Powers ~

Bio Skeleton:

Age: (14-16)
Eye color:
Hair length:
Hair Style:
Hair color:
Usually wears: (Use detail)
Skin color

Mine -

Name: Lillith Stone
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Eye color: Her real eye color is brown but she wears contacts to make them look purple
Hair length: Long, Down to her waist
Hair Style: She wears her hair down with her bangs covering one eye which happens to be her left eye
Hair color: Black with some purple streaks in it
Usually wears: A black lolita, fishing net gloves, black combat boots up to her knees and a cross necklace and at the top which lies a skull with red jeweled eyes.
Skin color: Extreamly Pale
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