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 ♥ ! All About Me - YOU ! ♥

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PostSubject: ♥ ! All About Me - YOU ! ♥   7/1/2009, 02:25

♥ ! All About Me - YOU ! ♥

Birth Name: Janis
Birth Date: The first day of winter -- I think?
Birth Place: A big white room. There were a lot of scary people trying to grab me.
Zodiac Sign: The seductive scorpio
Weight: o.o Isn't that a bit personal? Oh well. A proud 115-120.
Height: Five giants and five midgets.
Hair: Why, yes I do have hair.
Eyes: They work and I can see. As blue as the sky.
Siblings: ...are a pain. Two horrible older and one adorable younger.
Pets: One dead dog, one given away, three playful, one dead cat.
Education: Is awesome! I are smarts!
School Attended: Home schooled!
Present Year In School: I am no longer a freshman. Thank goodness.
Biggest Musical Influence(s) Relient K! Three Doors Down! P!NK!
Biggest Personal Influence(s) Someone Special <3! God! Haha and Dalli Lama!
Hobbies : Piano. Writing. Drawing. Sleeping. <-- It is a hobby. Coming up with new ways to play a trick on someone special!
Ultimate Goal : Besides publish a book or become a musician or actress? Haha. Not telling. ^///^
Interest : BOYS! I mean...someone special. (Can't say his name...it's embarrassing)
Place I Would Like To Visit: THE WORLD! OUTER SPACE!!
What Makes Me Happy: Living. Smiling. Be optimistic. Helping people. Loving someone and being loved back.
What Makes Me Cry: Stress, someone, movies, books, my past.
Best Advice Ever Given: "To err is human, to forgive is divine."
Best Advice Ever Gotten: "You can be happy with a guy, but you can still be happy without him."
Best Friend(s): Gabby, Jenny, ....eh someone.
Nick Names: (Jan) (Jan-Jan) (Janis Planet).

♥️ ! Favorites ! ♥️

Female Singer: P!NK
Male Singer: Haha Adum Rising (my soon to be famous buddy in a band) Haha. I gotta support him.
Female Rapper: Uhm. I don't like rap but I guess Missy Eliot.
Male Rapper: Ha. Eminem.
Actress: Sandra Bullock / Julia Roberts.
Actor: Tom Hanks!
T.V Show: House.
Food: Mmm. Ramen.
Candy: Something sour.
Chewing Gum: is something I don't like.
Ice Cream Flavor: Daiquiri Ice!
Soft Drink: Anything orange or Ginger Ale.
Song: Dx Like I can choose that!
C.D: Lol. I don't own any.
Music Video: Kryptonite.
Color: Forest Greens, Navy Blues, Brick Reds, Black, White.
Fashion Design: I don't know any so uhm I guess Coach?
Cartoon Character: I have no friggin clue.
Hero: I dun knu?
Book: All books! Books! books! Books! books!
Sport: Soccer FTW!
♥️ ! The End ! ♥️

Yeah. Yeah! NOW...tell me about YOU!

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PostSubject: Re: ♥ ! All About Me - YOU ! ♥   7/1/2009, 07:47

Birth Name: Rebecca
Birth Date: August 3, 1992
Birth Place: Goose Town, SC
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Weight: That's none of your concern
Height: 5'10
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Siblings: Hate them so much especially being the youngest. Two older sisters (one of them a step sib) and an older step brother.
Pets: Three dead dogs, 2 living ones, and I think 5 cats
Education: Still in high school. Sucks balls, and I'll become the next Zeb.
School Attended: PAHS
Present Year In School: I'm a senior :3
Biggest Musical Influence(s) Pink, Porcelain and the Tramps
Biggest Personal Influence(s) My mom, my adoptive sister Steve and her family (highly amusing)
Hobbies : Writing, Drawing, Reading, that's it
Ultimate Goal : Trying to find sanity and publish a book that will freak people out and somehow get myself thrown into an asylum
Interest : Pansexual; Boys, girls, transsexuals, hermaphrodites, transvestites. :3
Place I Would Like To Visit: Japan. Fumi says I can stay with her :3
What Makes Me Happy: I'm not happy o.o
What Makes Me Cry: Stress, death.
Best Advice Ever Given: "Just slap him. If he cries then you kick his A**."
Best Advice Ever Gotten: "If I don't see it then you're good."
Best Friend(s): Steve, Steph, Amber
Nick Names: Bec, Bex, Becca boo, Mint, Napolean Dynamite, Harry Potter, Thompson Twin, Mia's little sister (hate it), Ghost, Ninja Kitty.

♥️ ! Favorites ! ♥️

Female Singer: Porcelain and the Tramps
Male Singer: Kamelot
Female Rapper: I hate rap >.<
Male Rapper: Like above.
Actress: I don't have one
Actor: Johnny Depp ^.^ (after one of my friends messed up completely and thought he was my dad we now have a inside joke XD)
T.V Show: House.
Food: Cheese Wontons
Candy: M&Ms
Chewing Gum: 5 gum :3
Ice Cream Flavor: Rainbow Sherbert
Soft Drink: Dr. Pepper
Song: Redlight District (at the moment that is)
C.D: Bah
Music Video: U + UR Hand
Color: Orange and Black
Fashion Design: Comfy and people call me dark and emo
Cartoon Character: That one person
Hero: None o.o
Book: Generation Dead
Sport: Swimming
♥️ ! The End ! ♥️
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PostSubject: Re: ♥ ! All About Me - YOU ! ♥   7/1/2009, 14:11

Birth Name: Jo
Birth Date: 01/10/1994

Birth Place: Jamaca NY
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Weight: please dont make me say D:
Height: 4'7''
Hair: black
Eyes: Green
Siblings: 1 blood brother and 3 step brothers
Pets: does a wild bird that follows me around whenever I'm outside count? o-o no seriously it does that DX
Education: i have low GPA DX most likly from not turning in homework
School Attended: online school! next year i'll be a net sophmore
Present Year In School: not a freshman!
Biggest Musical Influence(s) Marilyn Manson (god I can never spell his name right, either that or I did and I think I did it wrong)
Biggest Personal Influence(s) Does Satan count? o-o
Hobbies : Writing, drawing(I suck at it), being lazy, playing pokemon, trying to escape that Dam* bird, etc
Ultimate Goal : Become ruler of world and have a 24-hour nude policy on hot guys on the palace grounds!! >:D or become prez and fix the stuff Bush messed up XD or work at Square Enix
Interest : hmm... actualy I have no clue o-o
Place I Would Like To Visit: Europe or France
What Makes Me Happy: Seeing someone trip and fall face first XD aka ice skaters falling and my fuzzy(teddy bear) ^^
What Makes Me Cry: Stress and losing my teddy bear
Best Advice Ever Given: "When Life gives you lemons, throw them at god and complain, then do something fun."
Best Advice Ever Gotten: i never got advice, just give it out o-o
Best Friend(s): Brent(not just in the chat show thing, he is real -.-) and Joe (if your read the chat show, that is Kopo)
Nick Names: Socks (still trying to figure that out)

♥️ ! Favorites ! ♥️

Female Singer: Sarah Brightman
Male Singer: Franz Ferdinand? o-o
Female Rapper: psh, dont have one
Male Rapper: Luda!
Actress: none ^^
Actor: Johnny Depp
T.V Show: The Mighty Boosh
Food: FISH!! X3
Candy: im currently chosing between Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms DX
Chewing Gum: i dont have a fav gum :/
Ice Cream Flavor: Rainbow Sherbert!! <3
Soft Drink: Coca-Cola
Song: toooooo many to list @-@
C.D: once again too many to list
Music Video: Cyclone
Color: Liliac, Violet, Blue, White, and Orange
Fashion Design: Anything that f***ing breaths
Cartoon Character: Piglet! he is so chibi and cute! XD
Hero: psh, please! like i need a hero! XD
Book: The alchemist
Sport: basket ball
♥️ ! The End ! ♥️
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PostSubject: Re: ♥ ! All About Me - YOU ! ♥   7/1/2009, 14:54

Birth Name: Sara
Birth Date: 12/11/1995
Birth Place: West Palm, Florida
Zodiac Sign: Saggitarius
Weight: 100-110, somewhere in there
Height: 5' 1"
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: also dark brown
Siblings: none
Pets: A dog, named Max Smile
Education: umm..I get good grades Smile
School Attended: A school where I live (back off pedo bear)
Present Year In School: going to be in the 8th grade..
Biggest Musical Influence(s) Fall Out Boy. duh.

Biggest Personal Influence(s) I know this sounds weird and obsessive but Patrick Stump
Hobbies : Writing, Roleplaying, drawing, dancing
Ultimate Goal : Um..don't die?
Interest : Alot of things!
Place I Would Like To Visit: This also sounds typical, but Japan! Or Chicago

What Makes Me Happy: When my friends are happy.
What Makes Me Cry: Stress

Best Advice Ever Given: Idk, ask the people I give advice too
Best Advice Ever Gotten: think positive. Live for today and if today sucks, know that you can make tomorrow better.
Best Friend(s): Alot.
Nick Names: lol, none really
♥️ ! Favorites ! ♥️

Female Singer: Cassadee Pope
Male Singer: Patrick Stump! :D or...Clay Aiken... .-.
Female Rapper: lol...Lil' Mama?
Male Rapper: Kanye West I guess.
Actress: umm I like Reese Witherspoon
Actor: idk..Owen Wilson?
Food: pizza!!!
Candy: Whoppers
Chewing Gum: idk
Ice Cream Flavor: Orange Cream or just plain Vinilla
Soft Drink: Coke
Song: waaay too many.
C.D: Folie a Deux :D sorry for my obsessions
Music Video: hmmmm.. Poppin' Champagne by All Time Low
Color: Yellow
Fashion Design: who cares
Cartoon Character: Surprised Odd from Code Lyoko..or Yumi from Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi Show
Hero: hmm...Raven from Teen Titans.
Book: Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spenelli
Sport: Soccer
♥️ ! The End ! ♥️
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PostSubject: Re: ♥ ! All About Me - YOU ! ♥   7/20/2009, 22:37

Birth Name: Timothy. But I would prefer T.J.
Birth Date: 04/28/95
Birth Place: Don't you realize? I came from heaven x3
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Weight: I think about 125. I'm tubby e.e
Height: Umm... last i checked at least 5'6? @_@ I think
Hair: Born with bright orange hair, but it looks a little brown now.
Eyes: They change between shades of blue.
Siblings: One younger brother, that I would prefer not to talk about.
Pets: One rotweiler, one cocker spaniel, two black cats, plent of dogs that have died over the years. (T_T)
Education: Currently learning two grade level's ahead of what I should be.
School Attended: Starting First Coast Highschool in about a month.

Present Year In School: Going to be a freshman. v_v
Biggest Musical Influence(s) Too many. About three new ones a week?
Biggest Personal Influence(s) None.
Hobbies : Lots.
Ultimate Goal : To enjoy my life? Yes, that is a very big goal.

Interest : @_@ Is this like a sexuality questioin? Or just what you are interested in? XP
Place I Would Like To Visit: ???
What Makes Me Happy: Haven't exactly discovered anything yet.
What Makes Me Cry: Words.
Best Advice Ever Given: I've had to give too much advice, so I can't narrow it down.

Best Advice Ever Gotten: Noone gives me advice. They just call me stupid and walk away.
Best Friend(s): Charlie and Ricky.
Nick Names: T.J. , although it is more of a real name since I have went by it since birth. Other than that, hundreds of them in both rl and imvu life.


Female Singer: Paramore :3 Although it's more of a band... xD
Male Singer: Too many.
Female Rapper: =P
Male Rapper: =P=P
Actress: Lots :3
Actor: Lots :3
T.V Show: House, NCIS, Supernatural.
Food: Ice cream, ramen, cheeseburgers, tacos.
Candy: Warheads. The only real sour candy >_< All the other "Sour" candies are just fakes!! >=O
Chewing Gum: Dubble bubble? XP
Ice Cream Flavor: Cookies and Cream!!
Soft Drink: Mountain dew and Root Beer
Song: WAAAAAAY too many.
C.D: A little less than WAAAAAAY too many. Because there are more than one of my favorite songs on some C.D.'s :3
Music Video: @_@?
Color: All shades of blue and silver.
Fashion Design: I just put on whatever is at the top of the pile of clothes o_O
Cartoon Character: x_x??
Hero: No hero's are real.
Book: Pfft. I don't have all year.
Sport: Soccer and swimming.
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PostSubject: Re: ♥ ! All About Me - YOU ! ♥   7/26/2009, 09:45

Name: Addison
Age: 16
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 120lbs
Sign: Virgo
The Beatles
Making Websites
Making Groups
Sore Losers
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PostSubject: Re: ♥ ! All About Me - YOU ! ♥   

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♥ ! All About Me - YOU ! ♥
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