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 Damned or Blessed

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PostSubject: Damned or Blessed   6/30/2009, 22:27

.:Plot... sorta:.
In a daze you wake up in darkness. You remember going about your usual day then something happened. After the darkness clears you realize that you died. You also notice some others and that the darkness forming into something. The darkness forms into what looks like a man wearing pitch black clothing. It raises its hand as a book appears in its hand. After thinking about it, it hits you. The figure before you is Death.

RULES, yes rules, last time i posted this on a site without some ground rules it was cyber, god modding, and killing gallor!

1. No god modding, that includes auto dodging, auto hitting, or auto killing. There will be 2 exceptions though.
1a. If your hit at least 15 times in combat you die, no dynamics or miracles, boom dead. However, your aloud to make a new charater if this happens.
2a. If your hit 10 times and your a demon or a angel your aloud to go into sort of Rage mode which you can not take damage for 3 hits, allowing you time to escape or kill the enemy
2. Dont be Death, for I am death! or ruler of Hell or ruler of Heaven
3. No excessive cursing

Please include your name, race, element, known magic, and wether your damned or blessed(if your human) in your charater thing, other than that go nuts without becoming a god and have up to 3 charaters at first. Oh, and dont all be demons and angels, we need humans for the demons to torture and the angels to give a good time! If you go human dont all go to heaven please. Have a spine and become damned. Oh and no whining about someone's character having a advantage over yours if it happens, in life that happens. No two people are ever the same, ever hear of Darwin-ism? So please dont have major advantages, if your charater is some faster than anouther persons. Fine.


Name: Socks
Age: 15
Race: Demon
Element: Fire
Known magic:
-Fire dart- shoots a dart of fire from mouth at target (Obvious)

Name: Ivan "Kopo" Smith
Age: 20
Race: Human
Element: Earth
Known Magic:
-Terra Earth- sends a series of stone spikes at target
-Earth Glaive- sends a blade made from stone at target
Damned/Blessed: Damned

Name: Death
Race: none [appears to be a demon]
Element: None
Known Magic:
-Judgement- Sends target to either Heaven or hell, depends on victem's deeds and sins
-Reaper's Scyth- temp. rips your soul from the vessel you reside in
-Hell Hounds Eyes- Look at these eyes a mere three times and you become you are near dying (although effect leave your body once your a safe distance away)
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PostSubject: Re: Damned or Blessed   7/2/2009, 17:30

This sounds really fun ^-^

Name: Kari
Age: 21
Race: human
Element: Fire
Known magic: Her power is charged by anger. When she feels rage, anyone around better watch out. She can set almost anything on fire just by grasping it in her hand, and she can make fires larger or smaller. She also can not be hurt by fire, but she can be hurt by water. (I know this wont come up in the rp, but her power is also triggered by lust. Lust is the reason she was sent to hell...she becomes extremely hot and she is able to make anyone around her just as hot)

picture: like this but with red instead of pink hair/dress
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Damned or Blessed
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