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 a new story

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PostSubject: a new story   6/27/2009, 18:59

a new story prologue"
this a story is written weird so follow closely
k. have fun.
oh, and this is written by to people

as he looked into her eyes he knew that would be the last time he looked in to her beautiful autumn brown eye as he lade there his blood staining her hands and the pretty crazy close that she loved to wear his dieing breath he said "remember as long as we have love we shall never be alone or apart again." "that's not true if you're dying..."

and she was crying with hysteria, wanting this nightmare to end. a thought pops into her head then and she takes his blood encrusted knife.

"....no, we shall NEVER be apart, even if well both be in hell for suicide!...." and she digs the knife deeply into her chest, immediately coughing up blood. as they lay dieing a jogger spots them and thought nothing of it till he sees the blood seeping out from her and runs over "miss miss are u ok?" but she was unconscious by then. he tries to stop the bleeding and screams for help.
she awakes in a hospital bed a nurse walks in and sees her awake and runs for a doctor. she tries to sit up but the pain is to great. the doc comes in and starts examining her." miss can u tell me ur name?"
"yes its...."
"i cant remember."
"do u remember anything?!" the doctor asked, pointing towards a teenage boy who was wrapped in bandages to my left, on the bed beside mine.

i looked at him hard, but no memories of recognition came"no" i whispered sadly, feeling lonesome cause i didn't even know who he or i was.
she looked around slowly and stared to panic "wha where am i whats going some one give me answers. now!" "its ok ur safe don't worry." he said as to nurses came to hold her down the doctor said "ok now im just going to give u some thing to relax ok? here gos." he put the needle in the tube going to her arm. as he did she cringed and tired she couldn't keep her beautiful eyes open so she slept. she awoke and looked at the bed next to her and saw him and felt like see know him. smiled lightly and slept some more. when she woke up the second time she saw that the boy was gone. she called for a nurse and asked "what happened to the boy in the bed?" "oh him deary he went into surgery he'll be fine go back to sleep." she had more questions but was to tired so she slept for along time when she awoke for the final time she saw a new person in the bed the certain was drawn but she could tell that it was not him and she saw the doctor at the door with a sad look on his face. she knew why but still asked " what happened?" as he told her she had a strange sadness wash over her. she knew not why but she had a guess.
"....hes dead... isnt he?...." she asked, her heart bleeding, broken.

the doctor nodded

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PostSubject: Re: a new story   6/27/2009, 19:54

Haha. I know I already commented this. But I liked it. It's short, but sweet. Well in an oxymoron way. It is morbid, but in a good way. Like Edgar Allen Poe.

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a new story
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