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 Internet Rant

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PostSubject: Internet Rant   6/26/2009, 22:51

Be prepared, this rant is going to be very long. I am not really angry right now, but I am ticked off. I kind of find it all very annoying. It's like two feelings at the same time. My general laid back attitude keeps me calm, while internally I still have mixed feelings of frustration. Anyways, the point of this rant is that I am sick and tired of internet users who act way different than they would in public.

Point 1: Have you ever noticed that your entire personality almost changes from when you are in daily society to when you get on to the cyber community? It is because they aren't afraid of what people will think of them. They don't know the other person across the internet so they don't care if they act like a total b**** or a**. Thank goodness, I am not like that. Who you see now, is who I am in daily society. The only difference is that I don't need to make rants like these because I can just tell someone individually that they piss me off. I am polite though. I am honest, but still polite. And when I am not polite, I make a note of it and I apologize. This brings me to...

Point 2: I am tired of the fact that people on the internet think that it is okay to be rude and disrespectful. This involves point 1 because they change their attitude. They think they can say whatever they want because again, they aren't in public. Let's look at what someone might say on the internet and in public. Let us look at what they are really saying.

Person 1: I don't really want to hear this right now. Sorry.
Person 2: STFU. I don't give a f***.

Notice the difference? It is because people are more comfortable with themselves online. So really that person number 1 is a facade of the real person number 2. Now, sometimes I might be a little bit of person number 2 myself. But hey, we all are at one point or another. We aren't perfect. It is those who make a habit of it that piss me off. Because in daily society they would be embarrassed to act that way. They know how people would react and they just wouldn't do it. Online though, it is normal. No it is not effing normal. It's rude! Let me underline that for you, RUDE.

Point 3: It is not okay for you to bash someone on the internet because of an opinion. Whoever said it was okay is wrong. There is a difference between a debate and attacking. Let's look at another example of that.

Person 1: I really don't think that is correct. Because, seriously, I mean if you think about it in my view and the other person's view you would see that what actually happened was...

Person 2: Dude stfu. You are f***ing stupid. No one really cares because they all know what really happened. Stop making these allegations, you are f***ing messed up in the head.

(Can you believe I actually had things like that said to me?)

That above, is not okay. It is rude and disrespectful. And I am warning everyone right now. Do not ever, disrespect me. I have respect for you, so yeah, I deserve yours. The fastest way for me to delete you from this site is by disrespecting me. Now, I don't mind if you have contradicting views. I love to hear opinions and I love to hear criticism. Like I said though, there is a difference between voicing opinions and being disrespectful. Don't disrespect me.

I can't think of anymore to say about this except that this generation is horrible and I am almost ashamed to be a part of it. It is just so horrible that teenagers my age are so rude. They have no manners. They think it is okay to just cuss as much as they want and say whatever they want to whoever they want. It is nothing sort of rude. I feel sorry for anyone who is rude like anyway I have described because obviously their parents didn't love them enough to teach them anything. My mother did. And while I may be very, very opinionated and very outspoken, I will be polite.

Rant End.

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Internet Rant
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