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PostSubject: Apocalypse   6/24/2009, 04:05


*Disclaimer* There are no absolute historical or Biblical accuracies in this RP. Since it is hard for me to interpret the Bible I might misunderstand something and write it different. If something is left out, please know that there is more. If something is added, please know that is not correct. For the real and 100% correct accuracies, read the Bible like you should. Do not think that anything written in here is 100% as is said in the Bible. Only the real authentic Bible can give you that. This is purely FICTION in an RP.

is the act of revealing or disclosing, or making something obvious and clearly understood through active or passive communication with the divine. Revelation can originate directly from a deity, or through an agent, such as an angel. One who has experienced such contact with or communication from the divine is often known as a prophet. The Book of Revelation, also called Revelation to John, Apocalypse of John and Revelation of Jesus Christ is the last canonical book of the New Testament in the Christian Bible. It is the only biblical book that is wholly composed of apocalyptic literature. The Revelation, The Apocalypse is happening. It only took about 90 years, but finally it has started in 2100. The signs were there, but half the world denied it. The other half have perished and slowly the rest will follow but not before their Judgment. Who can survive it?

*Note* It would help if you have read about 2012 or are Religious as it will be easier for you to understand the Role Play. I am only accepting at the maximum 2 more people in this role play. Who ever has the best character made will be chosen by me. In the future I may allow another character in upon request.

Character Outline

Name: Sam Yule-Wicker
Gender: Male
DOB/Age: 24
Ethnicity: Canadian-American
Religion: Undecided
Believer: Indifferent/Reads Bibles
Hobbies: Drawing/Likes Birds
Habits: Drinking/Stealing table items from diners/
Occasional Smoker/Gambles once in a while/
Career: Travels from JOB to JOB Current: Music Sales
Dreams: Professional Artist.
Notes: A foster child.
Appearance: Sam Yule-Wicker

(Future Character)

Name: Stephanie Broker
Gender: Female
DOB/Age: 23
Ethnicity: American
Religion: Christian
Believer: Firm
Hobbies: Music/Singing/Acting
Habits: Biting Nails/Shower singer/Controlling/Talkative
Career: Waitress and Bartender
Dreams: Musician or Actress.
Notes: Mother of three year old.
Appearance: Stephanie

*This is the primary basis for all Character Outlines to be filled out. Since I am choosing only three other people in the role play, I will need all the information about the character. Please include PERSONALITY and BIOGRAPHY.* Your character will not be reviewed unless these are included.


1. If I ask you to change something, change it or I will change it for you.
2. Everyone in this RP is human. There are no supernatural beings.
3. I have the authority to kick you out of the RP at any time. Literally.

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