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 Week 1 - Artist of the Week: Relient K- (June 21-28)

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PostSubject: Week 1 - Artist of the Week: Relient K- (June 21-28)   6/22/2009, 13:40

Week 1 - Artist of the Week: Relient K - (June 21-28)

*All underlined words are links and images are referenced to their position in the link*
This Christian and Alternative Rock band was formed during 1988 in Canton, Ohio with starting band members Matt Thiessen (center) on guitar, piano, and vocals, Brian Pittman playing base, and Matt Hoopes (second from left) on guitar. Their name forms from their band member Matt Hoope's K-Car.

Since their band formed, Relient K has released five studio albums, three of which have received Gold certification. All Work and No Play was the first demo release in 1998. This was soon followed by their first full Album "Relient K" which features songs such as "Girlfriend," "Wake up call,""Softer to me," and "17 Magazine." "The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek" was released in 2001, earning Gold in 2006 for 500,000 sales. The nominated Grammy album "Two lefts don't make a right but three do" was released in 2003, followed by "Mmhmm" another certified gold. In 2007, the band released Five Score and Seven Years ago in reference to their fifth album album made and seven years since their first album released. Their latest album, "The bird and the bee sides" features a double EP comprising of thirteen tracks, some of which being songs already released. "Forget and not slow down" will be RK's 6th album to be released October of 2009.

The band's current members are Matt Thiessen, Matt Hoopes -RK's only constant members since their formation- and John Warne (right) on bass and backing vocals, Jon Schneck (left) on guitar and backing vocals, and their latest member Ethan Luck who joined for drums in 2008.

"Which to bury, us or the hatchet"

A full list of songs can be seen here:RK SONGS

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Week 1 - Artist of the Week: Relient K- (June 21-28)
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