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 Wonderland Role Play

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PostSubject: Wonderland Role Play   6/18/2009, 18:49

Welcome to RP Wonderland.

In order to promise that you will not be annoyed, don't bug me and you will remain stress free. To make that absolutely positive, read these rules that I have written to my annoyance to prevent yours, mine, and everyone else's in the future. If problems ensue outside of these rules, then you have permission to annoy me stress free and I will create a new rule so that it doesn't happen again. Read, write, and role play.

1. When making a role play topic, please note that you are in charge for all of the rules inside of it. The moderators are not responsible for anything that happens. If someone is breaking a site rule, that is the one exception to contacting a moderator to fix the problem.

2. When making a role play topic, please note information as to what the role play is about. This may or may not include a character outline for those who want to join. Character outlines are not necessary, but a description of the limitations of a character are. To help understanding and prevent confusion, descriptions of a role play should be at the minimum of two paragraphs. One paragraph would be for the role play and the second paragraph would be for the characters.

3. No role play may contain sexually explicit material. This includes the term 'cybering.' This is for the safety of possible innocent eyes, my eyes, and any one else who is uncomfortable with such themes. All content that falls within the 'cybering' category should be kept private and in between PM messages or off of the site completely.

4. Do not make more than one role play a day. People can only write so much and they can only focus on so much. Creating multiple role plays will make it difficult for people as they will join, but never post. The role play then becomes abandoned and it is more to clean up.

5. Do not make a role play if there is already one that just started with the same basic outline. If the role play in question has not reached 500 posts do not make another similar one. If the other role play has died, then this is the exception.

6. Do not make any role plays that are based off any book already made. The point is creativity and originality, it becomes boring once that is taken away. You can use similar concepts, but do not take a synopsis directly from a story.

7. As a warning, since I am keeping this site for only the top notch role plays and role players, if I find a role play that I seem fit to delete, I will delete it. I will forewarn you tough first and tell you so that you can copy the information if you choose to take it elsewhere.

8. If a role play does not receive any participants within a week, it will be deleted. A role play will also be deleted if it does not receive any posts in two weeks unless otherwise noted by the creator.

9. Use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. If you can not write following this criteria, your posts will be deleted, ignored, or the other people will be annoyed. Then I will get complaints, and then I will be annoyed, and then you will be annoyed because you will no longer be able to annoy anyone else.

10. Do not use any asterisks in your posts. One liners that use such * or - do not count in this area. It is recommended that you also only write in either third person or first person. Second person is too confusing for others. Please do not write in script format either.

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Wonderland Role Play
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